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Why our cabinets cost less!

At MKC, we offer better cabinets for less money. You might ask "how?" How can we beat the big box stores and the local big kitchen chains? It's easy! We're smaller so we don't have the expenses these firms have. For example, we make our deliveries in an enclosed utility trailer that leaves from our Novi warehouse. This is far less costly than a fleet of diesel powered liftgate trucks. We also save on staffing. No teams of drivers, warehouse employees, or mid level managers. It's just our 2 person design team and 2 of our installers. We also don't have remote owners/partners in the corporation to be paid, and our suppliers ship our cabinets directly to us. We do much of the field work with our own people. On the rare occasion when you need a change order for additional work during the project, we stive to make sure the price is fair and reasonable. Our shop is in a clean and updated industrial park in Novi, which allows us to keep our rent very low when compared to some the sky high lease rates in popular retail locations. Finally, our cabinet quality is top notch! Solid wood sides and back, soft close, full overlay, dovetail drawer boxes, we've included all the extras. So whether it's our US Cabinet Depot line that arrives in just 10 days, or our Legacy Crafted semi-custom line that arrives in 5-6 weeks, we've got the high quality construction and finish properties that make for a great kitchen remodel.

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