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Kitchen cabinets in 10 days? How is that possible?

Many big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's sell cabinets that won't arrive for many weeks, sometimes 2-3 months. At MKC, our US Cabinet Depot cabinets arrive in 10 days or less. How do we do it? Well credit goes to the factory. They have an extremely large warehouse and a super efficient ordering system. The cabinets are actually built before you order them. We just log in to our dealer site and place your order. The next day the factory loads your cabinets on pallets and ships them to us using our specified freight company. Another key feature is if there is a nick or dent on your cabinets, there is an online claim system. We simply upload a photo of the blemish, and they Fedex a replacement part out to us. Usually in just a couple days. So if you're frustrated by the long lead time for kitchen cabinets quoted to you by Home Depot, Lowe's, or even the big local kitchen chains like KSI Kitchens or Kurtis, contact us for a free and quick cabinet quote, with or without installation.

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